1.Define Home Economic?
2. List 5 things that can be found in the house
3. Write 3 different rooms In the house
4. Mention 2 Ways that can take care of toilet
5. Give 2 ways to take care of bedroom
6. We can take care of our Kitchen by Sweeping Yes or No
7. List 5 things that can found in the kitchen
8. List 2 materials that can take care of our toilet
b.mention 5 type of food.

Home Economics

Objective questions

Pick your answers from the alternatives given

1 Hair grows on our
a palm
b head
c nail

2 which of these insects can be found in dirty hair?
a lice
b cockroach
C hen

3 I have…. ears
a four
b three
c two

4 Allow your… to clean your cars
a enemies
b Parents
c. mates

5 Do not read in the
a Sun
b school
c class

6 A … is the place where people live
a farm
b home
c school

7 We sleeps In the …
a sitting room
b bathroom
C bedroom

8 What can you see in the bedroom
a bed
b plate
C pot

9 We use … to eat
a foam
b fork
c Stove

10 Toilet should be cleaned
a monthly
b yearly
c regularly