PICK your answer from the alternative given
1._is the collection of a group of people in a given place
(a)civic education
2._is one of the duties of community leaders
(a)settlement of problems


3._is part of the important of civic education
(a)to acquire skill

4.There are _types of community
(a) 3
(b) 5
5.Pastor is the one of leaders in the community
(a) yes
(b) no
6.Organizing community work is one of duties community leaders
(a) yes
(b) no

1.List 2 types of community
2.Mention 2 duties of community leaders
3.Mention 1 important of  civic education

Civic education.

Objective questions

Pick your answers from the alternatives given

(1) the keeping of our environment clean is called
a sanitation
b toilet
C Sweeping

2 … a modern toilet
a Potty
b water closet
C Pit toilet

3 Write down the three types of toilets
a big toilet Small toilet large toilet
b a toilet btoilet C toilet
c Pit toilet water closet open defication

4 One way of keeping the toilet clean is by
a washing the toilet
b covering the bowl of the toilet
C a and b

5 Properuse of the toilet can cause disease
a Yes
b no
c maybe

6 Dirt and waste should be kept in the
a toilet
b refuse bin
C room

7 Living Indirty environment can lead to
a being infected with disease
b falling sick
C a and b

8 The process of Keeping our body clean is called
a personal hygiene
b environmental Sanitation
C Personal habbit

9 We keep our body clean by bathing
a daily
b weekly
C monthly

10 We use Perfume Is
a prevent bad odour
b smell nice
c a and b