Social Studies

Social Studies

objective questions

Pick your answers from the alternatives given

1 Appliances must be …. before you sleep at night
a switched off
b. Switched on
c. left untouched

  1. Running up and down on the staircase can lead to …
    a. shock
    b. cut
    c. fall
  2. Where should you keep banana peel ?
    a. on the floor
    b. In the dustbin
    c. on the staircase
  3. The keeping of things for future use is called
    a. harvesting
    b. Storage
    C. Cooking
  4. fresh fish and meet can be stored in the..
    a. refrigerator
    b. bag
    c. cooking pot
  5. To start any business …is needed
    a. Car
    b. money
    c. house
  6. The raw material used in the production of garri is …
    a. Yam
    b. Plant
    C. Cassava
  7. Palm oil is produced from …
    a raffia nuts
    b. Palm fruits
    C Palm leaves
  8. …is produced from sugarcane
    a. Tea
    b. sugar
    c oil
  9. Which of these is not one of the mineral resources
    a. tin
    b. Petroleum
    C. fanta

social Studies
Objective questions
Pick your answers from the alternatives given
1 ….Is a good thing that can be taking to the body
a hard drugs
b food
c kerosene
2 anything used for curring illness is called
a food
b drugs
c Panadol
3 beans is taking into the body by
a eating
b drinking
C injection
4 The boy is very happy a
a eat fried rice
b be flogged
c kneel down
5 a person suffering from eating too much food must be
a abused
b beaten
c taking to the hospital
6 …is what we eat to stay alive
a food
b air
c Sand
7 The ability to keep our things from getting spoilt is
a saving
b Storage
C cooking
8 Two examples of Sources of water
a wet and drywater
b well and tap water
c rain and skywater
9 water is used for
a cooking
b planting
c a and b
10 can be used to kill germ in drinking water
a chlorine
b Poison
C Soap


Pick your answer from the alternatives below
1.How do greet your father in the morning?
(a)Good morning sir
(b)Good afternoon sir
2.How do you greet in the evening?
(a)Good evening
(b)Good afternoon say_when your mother comes back from the market?
(a)welcome ma
(b)goodbye ma
4.Muslims worship in the_
5.Christian worship in the_
6.Muslims use the holy _
7.Christians read the holy Bible
8.It is good to pray to God
9.Children should not steal
10.Children should not respect elderly people
11.Stealing is a bad habit
12.I_to Nigeria my country (a)pledge
13.To be _,_and honest
(a)faithful loyal
(b)fight and steal
14.My Father’s father is my
15.The colour of Nigeria flag is green ,white and green