Cultural and Creative Art.

Pick your answers from the alternatives given.

1 Which of the following is a good moral behaviour?
a. cheating
b. lying
c. kindness

  1. A popular folktales character known for tricking other character is the ….
    a. Tortoise
    b Rat
    c. Dog
  2. Most folktales has ….. ending
    a. happy
    b. Sad
    c. No
  3. In folktales animals behave and have qualities of…
    a. Angels
    b. Animals
    C. Humans
  4. Traditional stories handed down orally are called..
    a. folktales
    b. drama
    C. dances
  5. Every locality has its own folktales
    a. false
    b. true
    c. I can’t say
  6. … is a common character in Africa Folktales
    a. Fish
    b. tortoise
    c. goat
  7. Children learn folktales from
    a. adult
    b. their peers
    C. America
  8. … is a form of exercise
    a. bathing
    b. eating
    c. dancing
  9. The movement of the body to the sound of music is called
    a. Sport
    b. song
    c. dance