Objective Questions

Pick your answers from the alternatives given.

  1. Sandy soil is useful in making
    a bottles
    b cement block
    c stones
  2. Loamy soil is — in colour
    a black
    b White
    c red
  3. Sun provides — for farm animals
    a clothes
    b air
    c food
  4. Soil can be used for
    a gardening
    b planting vegetable
    c A and b
  5. The washing away of topsoil is called
    a pottery
    b drainage
    c erosion
  6. Soil is useful to
    a plant
    b animals
    c A and b
  7. Air in motion is called
    a thunder
    b wind
    c running air
  8. We feel air through the
    a nose
    b screen
    c eyes
  9. An example of violent wind is
    a hurricane
    b breeze
    c erosion

10.Wind help to disperse
a seed
b soil
c plants

11. Harmful substances in the air are called
a pollutant
b purifiers
c disturbance

12. Air impurities can make us
a deaf
b dumb
c blind

13. Inhaling harmful substances in the air can lead to
a Hunger
b anger
c coughing

14 . A good water must be
a tasteless
b has colour
c of good smell

15. Water safe for drinking must be
a sweet
b white
c colourless

16. Which of these is a quality of good water
a tasty
b odourless
c muddy

17. We can make water safe for drinking buy
a boiling
b filtration
c A and b

18. The colour of a ripe orange is
a blue
b white
c yellow

19. The natural colour of leaf is
a red
b green
c blue

20. Colour is always used to indicate danger
a red
b blue
c white

pick your answer from the alternatives given

  1. Animals around the home are called_ animals (a) Domestic (b) Wild
  2. Can we play with domestic animals? (a) Yes (b) No
  3. Is cat a domestic animal? (a) Yes (b) No
  4. Is Lion a domestic animal? (a) Yes (b) No
    5._ Is a domestic animal (a) Goat (b) elephant
  5. Goat live on _ (a) trees (b) Land
  6. Lion Live on _ (a)water (b) Land
  7. Can a Ant fly? (a) Yes (b) No
  8. How many legs do you have (a) 2 (b) 4
  9. How many neck do you have (a) one (b) two
  10. You hold pencil with_(a) hand (b) leg
  11. Is bag a living thing? (a) yes (b) No
  12. List 2 uses of Water
  13. Mention 3 Places we can get water
  14. Name 3 animals that living home