Objective Questions

Pick your answer from the alternatives given

  1. Computer parts that are not hardware are
    a disk wares
    b softwares
    c glassware
  2. Is a computer hardware
    a monitor
    b Microsoft
    c correl draw
  3. The following are computer hardware except
    a keyboard
    b mouse
    c Adobe
  4. Is another name for the central processing unit
    a processor
    b professor
    c promotor
  5. Output devices — data into the computer
    a send data into
    b produced information
    c store power in
  6. Which of this is an output device
    a keyboard
    b mouse
    c speaker
  7. We can print letters on the computer screen through the
    a printer
    b mouse
    c monitor
  8. The system unit is also known as the — of the computer

a brain
b leg
c nose

9. Storage devices are the — of the computer
a control unit
b output
c memory unit

10. Software are designed by–
a writer’s
b programmers
c engineers

11. The — is an output device
a keyboard
b monitor
c scanner

12. Information is displayed on the — of the monitor
a screen
b case
c button

13. Is the most important part of the computer system
b V D U
c C P U

14. Without CPU the computer cannot —
a work
b sleep
c eat

15. Another name for the monitor is
b C D C
c C P U


  1. What is the meaning of computer
  2. Mention 4 Part of Computer
  3. Explain 2 the uses of Computer
  4. List 5 place that we can see Computer
  5. Mention 3 advantages of using Computer system
  6. C P U looks like _(a) rat (b) radio (c) Television
  7. Monitor looks like _(a) Paper (b) Television (c) Bottle
  8. Mouse look like _(a) Bucket (b) rat (c)1ion
  9. Keyboard look like_(a) Typewriter (b) Plate (c) Pencil
  10. What are types of computer